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Zaid Hamid

A well known defense analyst, an ideal of youth,historian, and a thoroughbred Pakistani, was the first person of current era who started soul touching "AZAN" of Takmeel-E-Pakistan.

He faced many objection from specific religious group and still facing, many of columnist and anchors also play their vital role to stop him, but he faced all brier with courage and finally proved him self a worthy person.His opinion was not taken seriously before four year but now time shows that he has a great grip on his subjects and also having experience of practical jihad.

At current scenario when we see the youth OF PTI or MQ, is the fruit of Zaid Hamid's voice of Takmeel-E-Pakistan.If we compare last seven years then we will got that Zaid sb, was the person who started revolution in youth of Pakistan by addressing the youth directly.

That was the voice of sir Zaid Hamid that "Pakistan Ek Eshq Ek junoon" and now ... .. .
we can easily observe the junoon of youth.Although MQ is totally trained by Dr, sb, and Dr sb, proved that he is a finest trainer of youth and nation, but Zaid sb was the person who set all youth at fire by the preaching of Iqbal(RA).

we pray, Allah bless him more courage and keep him under his almighty rehmat ... .. . AAMEEN

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