Nawaz Sharief Picture in front of JIT 15th June 2017

Nawaz Sharief PM of Pakistan is today 15th june 2017 facing the JIT and answering the questions asked about Panama case.

Bitcoin Mining in Pakistan

We have installed a system for Bitcoin minning and earning daily basis around 20 dollars.  We have invested around  PKR 250k.

Track Less Train of China that runs on Virtual Path

China speeding up public transportation in major cities.
Instead of having steel wheels just like a train. Art is fitted with rubber Wheels attached to a plastic core especially designed for guided technology.

The Technology is being used to modernize the transport infrastructure.

Watch the video below:

How to Draw money from ATM in Pakistan

Now a days ATM cards are very useful specially after working hours anybody can enjoy the ease to draw money from ATM.
We have made a video to make it more convenient for the people who have less knowledge regarding ATM Transaction:

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