Jewelry (Gold) Care tips in English

Easy Tips for Jewelry Care

Protection TIPS:

Always protection your jewelry from sun light, perfume spry, sharp blows, heat and cold. Keep always your jewelry in jewelry boxes made special for it and don’t rub with each other. Avoid wearing rings when you act some water base work because water spoils your jewelry. Beside this you don’t wear when you playing games and at the time of gardening .Don’t let jewelry into contact nail polish remover, hair spry and perfume. When you washing your hands; put your rings in safe place not on basin because water is bad for jewelry. Another thing you always keep in mind wash your jewelry with professional cleansing product. You should clean your GOLD and SILVER jewelry with mild soap. Soft brush and warm water. After this wash with cold water and dry it your jewelry look like new. Gold and silver can show a sign of oxidation when they come into contact with air. Diamond jewelry  take more care then other jewelry like gold and silver because diamond can break easily so take care of it .diamond safe from heat and diamond nickels should always keep in special boxes. Jewelry should never be forced. Twisted and repair him because this is not your work. If you change your jewelry then get it professional jewelers. It will accept that this information is enough for protection of your Jewelry.

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