DYL Dhoom YD-70 2013 Price, Specs and Photos

Pictures of DYL Dhoom


DYL-Dhoom - YD70 2013 Model Get there first and in style. With DYL’s speciality 4-stroke technology getting extra mileage from every cc, you will feel the big difference that will take you onto the road ahead of everybody. New graphics and speedy looking style, a bigger, longer better cushioned seat makes the going more comfortable for one up or two up riding. A newly designed grips and lever holders will make an easy excess to functions. Why come second when you can be first? Go with new DYL Dhoom Get there first and in style

Specifications of DYL Dhoom YD-70

Type Air Cooled, 4-Stroke, SOHC
Compression Ratio 01:09.1
MaxTorque 5.4 Nm@5000 RPM
Lubrication System Wet-Sump
Ignition System 12V/CDI
Fuel Tank Capacity 9.5 Liter
Fuel Reserve Capacity 1.5 Liter
Starting System Kick Start
Overall Length 1915mm
Overall Width 765mm
Overall Height 1000mm
Wheel Base 1210mm
Dry Weight 83kg
Tyre Front 2.25-17-4PR
Tyre Rear 2.25-17-4PR
Price in Pakistan Rs. 48,875/- PKR 

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