Monday, 17 October 2016

Audi A3 launched in Pakistan Rs. 4 Million

The Audi A3 looks Much more compact. The interior and exterior modifications are very impressive and the Machine presents a much more purposeful look.

The wider front grill and redesigned rear air diffuser and Xenon headlights Matrix LED headlights are also available.

A3 is available in four turbo petrol and three turbo diesel engines plus 75kw electric motor.

New cylinder on demand technology, has also been integrated in this model. 
The Detail of A3 is as under:

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Facebook Messenger Replaced Traditional SMS App

Facebook Messenger gets a brand new look and attempted for replacement of Traditional SMS App.

The redesigned messenger app with full of news features worth noting. The changes have includeded a HOME Tab that shows who is online and whose birthday is coming up and other user talks recently.

Facebook says it want to make simpler and easier for all users to start chats and company has big plans for the messenger app with the special introduction of bots and utilising its as tool for chat with business community.

Earlier this week they announced that it's very possible tor facebook users to access their SMS Messages in Messenger app or a post on their facebook page read section.

Andriod users can use the facebook Messenger app for all Type of Chat and Will not have go to different screens on your phone to communicate.

People receive messages via both SMS and Messenger now friends send you GIFs on Messenger whilst.

Open Messenger and tap on Settings the human icon
Select SMS from the list
Turn on Default SMS app.

Now users can have all their converstaions within the one application and no longer have to jump between the two application.  

New Zong 4G Package with free Device for 12 Months Pakistan

One of the Leading telecom operator in Pakistan ZONG. has announced 2 more data packages with free of cost device, 
According to detail that new 3G and 4G internet package for internet service offers 50GB of download / upload limit per month and with a brand new device free of Cost

A chinese based company ZONG said that 6 to 12 month MBB plans are extension in current Mobile internet product portfolion, which is designed for the customers who want hassle-free internet services without worrying about remembering monthly recharge dates besides getting free Mobile Broadband Device. 

The package detail is as under:

According to Zong Mobile Broadband devices and plans are fully newly announced and the Zong Customer can also renew these bundles by Dialing *6363# from ZONG Sim on their own CNIC.

Only 4G wingle and 4G Mifi devices are compatible with above plans of data download.


Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), has announced that auction process of DTH licenses and date also for the auction will announce 3rd october , 2016.

During the Board meeting PEMRA decided and planned to auction DTH licenses late last year, whole processed was scrapped when new PEMRA chairman was appointed / hired for just one week ahead of auction.

DTH License Fee Details:

Three licences for Direct to Home Distribution service DTH Licence, Provided that there are enough eligible bidder, shall be awarded.

A single DTH Licence shall be awarded to any single bidder / company.

The basic price of DTH Licence shall be PKR 200 Million.

An annual veriable licence fee of 2% of the gross revenue generated from the Service & fixed annual fee of PKR 10.0 Million will be paid to PEMRA.

The variable fee shall be waived off for initially three years with effect from dae of issuance of license.

DTH Auction:

DTH licenses will be issued through an opend bidding process in the month of October dated 03.10.2016

Criateria for Licences:

DTH Licenses won't be issued to any companies who operate in broadcast media (electronic TV channel holders etc.)

One company must not control over directly or indirectly more than one DTH Services.

Applicant must have at least 50 percent ownership from partner locally.

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